After All Why Only CPA

CPA Courses in Dubai

Technology disruption has not only affected general public life, it has affected the whole fabric of business landscape as well. Business operations have got complicated, growth opportunities are barred with new challenges and competition has just got even fiercer.

To stay at the sharp end of businesses … you need make smart moves.

Well, smart moves… smart moves mean doing everything smart, from defining business models, exploiting disruptive growth opportunities, navigating technology across business dynamics to establishing hassle-free marketing channels under tax-stricken business environment and law-checking governments. There needs someone who can take the challenges right from their nose and drive businesses right ahead of competition.

Can it all be done? Answer is, of course, yes it can be done.

Can I do it? Answer is again, of course, yes you can do it.

CPA is the only qualification that can put you at the driving seat in any business, allowing you to build them with your smart business moves. Built on modern accounting, finance and marketing sciences, CPAs take account of entire enterprise resources and tailor strong financial strategies that run through entire, both inwardly and outwardly, business operations. My accounting students considering CPA courses in Dubai often ask me, what it’s like being a CPA in Dubai.

I would tell you what I always tell them.

Being a CPA means being at the nucleus of world economy. Well, you can drop it off as an acute exaggeration, but it’s not. If economy of a country or a region is direct product of wealth and resources, in terms of goods, products and services in that country or a region, and providing goods, products and services are made available through successfully operating businesses, ask yourself, who are people behind running the strings of that very economy. They are CPAs. Aren’t they?

There are wide spread strange and interesting notions about CPAs in our society. CPAs aren’t any math freaks, chopping at numbers all days long and solving mind boggling equations at nights. Nor are they unsocial, cut off from the people to work inside their nooks and crannies. On the other hand, they are not bish boosh, tick tuck, bug bang celebs either. They are just normal people with business-critical skills that most people around them did not or could not earn. Our CPAs are the most vibrant, futuristic, innovative and sweet speakers, thinkers and business people working in a company. Makes sense? To great extent, Dubai reflects the picture of most modern business oriented world. Companies from all around the world, of all types and of all sizes are opening up their strategic offices here. Doing CPA in Dubai, is the right time to get through their doors and work at their top tier levels.

Depending upon size and type, businesses operate in varying strategic layers, each layer with its own defined processes, matured systems and available resources. CPAs do the business analysis and identify various bottlenecks hurting efficiency in operations and barring the financial margins.

So what you think of CPA, regarding your career?


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