CPA, CMA, at a glance

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CPA in Dubai is one of the highly paid certification that everyone can only yearn. However, it requires a lot of expertise and experience to achieve this hallmark. Such transformation from an ordinary accountant to a Certified public accountant is a big achievement that enfolds a lot of opportunities and horizons of success along with exceptional skills.  To achieve such hallmark is quite challenging which will help you to keep pace with the world and help you quickly to achieve the ladder of thee success.

Career prospects:

Being CPA in Dubai means you can have a lot of career prospects.

  • A CPA certified can be CFO
  • They are highly paid
  • Most reputed designation they possess, they work as strategic business advisors and decision makers
  • CPA certified can find opportunity as tax and accounting consultants
  • They can work as financial advisor for large business organization
  • They can have the opportunities in FBI or in financial advisory of the state department.

So CPA in Dubai has a great scope, the examination which will be conducted board of accounting for particular jurisdiction. The examination will be taken through authorized parametric exam centers in Dubai. Moreover national association of state board of accountancy obtained the information of all the eligible candidates for the exam of CPA.

CMA in Dubai

If CPA in Dubai is popular as one of the most highly paid certification than CMA is also the highest rewarding certification. CMA certification has a broad scope and is open for all applicants who have accounting as their major subjects; they can test their potential for CIA Courses in Dubai. Accountants in order to get advance knowledge and skills in strategic management information and performance reporting area can take this exam. Mainly CMA has two major advanced units

  • Strategic cost management
  • Strategic business analysis


Those who are intended to acquire professional qualification and certification without having any accounting background must have to pass Conversion program of coursework units. The students have to choose the two basic subjects of MBA. Along with it financial management accounting and financial statement analysis should be acquired as optional. After the completion of Conversion program, students can [proceed for advanced units to get the CMA Dubai certification.

Banking and finance training you need it:

So the students who have big dreams to acquire higher position in their career must need to pass these professional certifications. So get the best future for you, your big dreams are nevertheless difficult to chase. What you really need is to choose the right thing at the right time. These highly paid certification has great potential to make you succeed in you professional career.  These certifications are intended to aim the highest designations, but here is great scope in banking and finance sector that has a very great share in managing the  economy of any country so basic banking and finance training  in Dubai can help you to get a good job  in Dubai.  Such banking and finance training is good to get a good job, once you got the training job is guarantee in banking and finance sector. May be you don’t get higher designation, but it is good to secure job first then to look forward for higher certification.


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