FRM – What, Why and How things about FRM in Dubai

It was in February 2012 when more than 125,000 students and finance professionals from 90 countries of the world registered with GARP for FRM exams. 26,000 of them passed and landed on a route of elite professionalism that would earn $89,000 for them. This is big, especially when considered in context of modern stress-stricken economy.

Before we see what FRMs do and why they do it, let’s know what Finance Risk Management, actually is.

Whats and whys of FRM:

Businesses are run on money with money and for money. But to know when to spend money, where to spend it, how to spend it, and on what to spend it, is a complex thing. Once a wrong decision made, and things can go difficult to dangerous.

Businesses do need some serious financial recommendations by someone who knows business and knows it as back of his hands. This ‘someone’ takes all organizational operations into his considerations and measures their financial risks into running them under certain markets, regions, laws and regulations.

This lovely someone is FRM; Financial Risks Manager.

Companies, government agencies and brands hire them these FRM holders for various positions including Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Analyst, Head of Operational Risk and etc. For employers, certified FRMs are the most trustable people who have state of the art industry knowledge required to anticipate, respond and adapt to risks entailing businesses.

Hows of FRM:

Being an FRM is a big thing, but becoming an FRM is…(Guess). Can’t, OK.

FRM is awarded by Global Risk Professional Managers (GRPM), which is a not-for-profit organization and the only globally respected and recognized membership association for risk managers.  For FRM certification, the body does not put any eligibility bars to anyone willing to appear in exams, neither educational, nor professional. However to be awarded with FRM certification, candidates must:

1-      Earn passing score on the FRM examination

2-      Active Fellow membership in GARP, and

3-      Finally, 2 years of experience in Financial Risk Management or any other related discipline including  industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting or etc.

Exam comes in 2 parts, each conducted in 1 day and passing Part 1 is necessary to pass 2. The exams thoroughly assess and evaluate concepts regarding risk management in our dynamic global marketplace. For details regarding FRM courses in Dubai, you can visit: The exams



How to Pass?

Like every other test in the world, passing FRM also deserves and demands some time and training. The more of them you give, the better your prospects will be. At High Steps Trainings, we have designed state of the art training modules built on FRM courses in Dubai and these trainings are conducted by Certified FRMs.


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