ACCA in Dubai – Passport to Promising Career

Acca in dubai

New to ACCA?

Well, ACCA means passport to a career ripe with growth and success. Founded in 1904 and spread over 170 countries of the world, Association of Chartered Accountant is a leading global body of accountancy with 154,000 members worldwide. As of 2012, 432,000 students from all around the world are registered with the program and are on their way to the promised future.

Let’s have a look at some interesting numbers relating importance of ACCA.

Locally Global – There are 89 offices and they all offer localized support.

International Qualifications – To ACCA, qualifications are based on international accounting standards.

Local Improvisations – Based on country and region, local law and tax options are improvised to make it more practical. For example candidates studying ACCA in Dubai, would study law and tax applicable to their business market.

Globally Accepted – Qualifications are globally accepted by all key regulatory and educational bodies.

It makes it clear that with ACCA, you would never have to worry about its scope or its application in the world. Qualification earned in Dubai is same as earned in USA and member from Dubai too is worth the same compensations as the member from USA. That’s universal.

Businesses are marked with super dynamism. Industry trends change over nights and so do rules and regulations ‘. This means employers, even in Dubai desperately want people marked with dynamism and strong professional acumen. If you are studying ACCA courses in Dubai, you need to rest assured that it is going to make you one and a ‘Find’ for employers.

Why employers Respect ACCA? They respect because ACCA makes accountants. Over last 110 years, ACCA has built the reputation of making top of the breed accountants and employers, they just cannot ignore it. This is why, more than 8,500 employers worldwide today respect and trust ACCA for meeting with their accountancy jobs.

Where to Start from in Dubai:

Considering peaking economy and growing business, doing ACCA in Dubai is rather a smart move. For candidates looking to study ACCA in Dubai, options are great. We have fine-tuned study materials, high faculty, study roaring culture, though leading workshops and all that’s required to get smart into ACCA.

Regarding ACCA, there are 14 exams (9 eligible for exemption if prior relevant degree). To get through, at least 3 years of relevant industry experience is also required. ACCA qualifications aim at mentoring candidates and infusing in them, the most essential and practical business management skills. Including variety of advance subjects, students do study subjects such as Financial Reporting, Management Decision Making, Financial Strategies and so on.  It’s comprehensive.

While ACCA is promising, finding right institute with right faculty can become quite challenging.


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