ACCA in Dubai – Passport to Promising Career

Acca in dubai

New to ACCA?

Well, ACCA means passport to a career ripe with growth and success. Founded in 1904 and spread over 170 countries of the world, Association of Chartered Accountant is a leading global body of accountancy with 154,000 members worldwide. As of 2012, 432,000 students from all around the world are registered with the program and are on their way to the promised future.

Let’s have a look at some interesting numbers relating importance of ACCA.

Locally Global – There are 89 offices and they all offer localized support.

International Qualifications – To ACCA, qualifications are based on international accounting standards.

Local Improvisations – Based on country and region, local law and tax options are improvised to make it more practical. For example candidates studying ACCA in Dubai, would study law and tax applicable to their business market.

Globally Accepted – Qualifications are globally accepted by all key regulatory and educational bodies.

It makes it clear that with ACCA, you would never have to worry about its scope or its application in the world. Qualification earned in Dubai is same as earned in USA and member from Dubai too is worth the same compensations as the member from USA. That’s universal.

Businesses are marked with super dynamism. Industry trends change over nights and so do rules and regulations ‘. This means employers, even in Dubai desperately want people marked with dynamism and strong professional acumen. If you are studying ACCA courses in Dubai, you need to rest assured that it is going to make you one and a ‘Find’ for employers.

Why employers Respect ACCA? They respect because ACCA makes accountants. Over last 110 years, ACCA has built the reputation of making top of the breed accountants and employers, they just cannot ignore it. This is why, more than 8,500 employers worldwide today respect and trust ACCA for meeting with their accountancy jobs.

Where to Start from in Dubai:

Considering peaking economy and growing business, doing ACCA in Dubai is rather a smart move. For candidates looking to study ACCA in Dubai, options are great. We have fine-tuned study materials, high faculty, study roaring culture, though leading workshops and all that’s required to get smart into ACCA.

Regarding ACCA, there are 14 exams (9 eligible for exemption if prior relevant degree). To get through, at least 3 years of relevant industry experience is also required. ACCA qualifications aim at mentoring candidates and infusing in them, the most essential and practical business management skills. Including variety of advance subjects, students do study subjects such as Financial Reporting, Management Decision Making, Financial Strategies and so on.  It’s comprehensive.

While ACCA is promising, finding right institute with right faculty can become quite challenging.


FRM, CIA, degrees of million dollars

FRM in Dubai

Do you think career development is something that makes you worthwhile?  Are you looking for a degree that changes your profession and your career line up thoroughly?  Do you believe career accomplishment is associated with specialization? If it is true then what are the serious steps you have taken in this regard. If you believe in career enrichment then you might be well aware of the fact then you need some training and certification by the time to maintain your level in a professional arena.  For the people who are already working on some of the important post and willing to maintain their position here are some of the degrees that can help them to survive in this tough professional environment.

What is FRM?

FRM courses in Dubai are the best certification in this regard, because it allows you to enhance your career exposure.  Specialization in financial risk management makes you the industry guru.  There will be no parallel of you who can have comparison in expertise and skill on professional level just because of FRM courses in Dubai. Certainly this is the certification that can optimize your personal branding.  Following are the standards; you need to meet the criteria to obtain FRM certification. A candidate is required to pass four exams in the level one and three exams to qualify the level two.  The professional acquires the skills in quantitative analysis, valuation and all kinds of risk management.

FRM can make you big boss:

FRM in Dubai is considered the most valuable degree with the perspective of career. For the degree holders the horizon of success is opened in the fields of operation, market and investment risk management.  Thus new career opportunities help them to proceed in their career endeavor.  No doubt this certification will electrify your career so it would not be difficult for you to climb the ladder of success.  In the same way CIA course in Dubai, these courses also offer you opportunity to grown in your career.  Certified internal auditor is the most accomplish person considered in the field of auditing.  He knows everything and you can consider him master of auditing tips and tricks.  CIA is the only globally recognized certification for the internal auditors.  This certification offers them expertise in internal audit activity how to operate while governing the risk and conducting the internal audit.

You can become self sufficient:

This is the degree that can really make you the big boss of auditing department.  The real self-sufficiency you can get, the internal auditor has big responsibilities, because he has to manage the internal check and internal control. In the meanwhile the chief auditor has the responsibility to conduct interim, continuous and final audit. The internal auditor has to maintain the check balance which he can do with great care.

The CIA exam is taken via Prometric pattern in Dubai, the candidate must have two years of experience in internal auditing. In similar way candidates must have experience in external auditing, quality assurance, quality compliance and internal control. He must have the knowhow about audit assessment and disciplines.

So CIA and FRM are the degrees that promise a bright future for the professionals.  So go for it.

I get my dream job

Management and Leadership
Have you ever try to measure yourself, where you are? Are you doing the right job? Do you deserve the same designation? Are you born to do the same job? If you find the answer in “NO” then what exactly you want to do?  Just try to realize your caliber, follow your endeavor and ultimately you will find your true success. Isn’t it great? Normally we don’t realize the undercurrent within us. The potential we got.  One must do what he really wants. Listen your inner voice, and know your potential only then you can get your dream job.

How can you continue your higher studies?

Many people after setting their goals cease them just due to some trivial reason. That is bad. I mean if a person is working hard for an executive level position and then he suddenly quit the studies due to some problem it’s out of question.  I have seen many business graduates who are working as an accountant since years, they have a lot of experience in their fields but still they don’t have the potential to grow more. Business studies are not only restricted to graduate or post graduate degrees, it has now broader scope.  For executive level jobs you need to do certification like CFA and ACCA.

Certification gives boost to your career:

Such certification are so much popular, people are getting keen interest in it.  Certification like CFA in Dubai means you become certified chartered financial analyst. A dream job will be ahead, it’s the most responsible post you can say it a key post. The most important person of the company and team player is chartered financial analyst. These are the person who can play a very vital role in the success of the company. Given the breadth of information covered, CFA got the skills and knowledge that is obligatory in investment and financial prospects. Such certified professional in any company is the guarantee for the employer that their investment and finance is secure.


Certification in Dubai is career flexible:

One of the best advantages of such certification is this, these are career flexible. Means your career or professional life do not get disturbed, in fact your certification is based on the experience and practical you are doing in your professional life. So you can say it career grooming, it’s wonderful to move forward rather to stay on one position. Believe me here is so much benefit when you did any certification like ACCA in Dubai. It will upgrade your career as well as your career profile. Isn’t it great?

So get ready to prove yourself, that you are out and out accomplish person. CPA in Dubai is another challenging opportunity for those who are determined to find new job roles for them, it’s a very grueling process but still it needs attention and dedication to complete the certification.  Chartered public accountant is all about public accounting and industry accounting that is very supportive and dynamic. The entire business depends on this key post how much this man is dynamic and talented in his profession. Such certification is worthwhile because it does not disturb your career plan; in fact it gives boost to your career. So give a chance to yourself to get your dream job.

FRM – What, Why and How things about FRM in Dubai

It was in February 2012 when more than 125,000 students and finance professionals from 90 countries of the world registered with GARP for FRM exams. 26,000 of them passed and landed on a route of elite professionalism that would earn $89,000 for them. This is big, especially when considered in context of modern stress-stricken economy.

Before we see what FRMs do and why they do it, let’s know what Finance Risk Management, actually is.

Whats and whys of FRM:

Businesses are run on money with money and for money. But to know when to spend money, where to spend it, how to spend it, and on what to spend it, is a complex thing. Once a wrong decision made, and things can go difficult to dangerous.

Businesses do need some serious financial recommendations by someone who knows business and knows it as back of his hands. This ‘someone’ takes all organizational operations into his considerations and measures their financial risks into running them under certain markets, regions, laws and regulations.

This lovely someone is FRM; Financial Risks Manager.

Companies, government agencies and brands hire them these FRM holders for various positions including Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Analyst, Head of Operational Risk and etc. For employers, certified FRMs are the most trustable people who have state of the art industry knowledge required to anticipate, respond and adapt to risks entailing businesses.

Hows of FRM:

Being an FRM is a big thing, but becoming an FRM is…(Guess). Can’t, OK.

FRM is awarded by Global Risk Professional Managers (GRPM), which is a not-for-profit organization and the only globally respected and recognized membership association for risk managers.  For FRM certification, the body does not put any eligibility bars to anyone willing to appear in exams, neither educational, nor professional. However to be awarded with FRM certification, candidates must:

1-      Earn passing score on the FRM examination

2-      Active Fellow membership in GARP, and

3-      Finally, 2 years of experience in Financial Risk Management or any other related discipline including  industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting or etc.

Exam comes in 2 parts, each conducted in 1 day and passing Part 1 is necessary to pass 2. The exams thoroughly assess and evaluate concepts regarding risk management in our dynamic global marketplace. For details regarding FRM courses in Dubai, you can visit: The exams



How to Pass?

Like every other test in the world, passing FRM also deserves and demands some time and training. The more of them you give, the better your prospects will be. At High Steps Trainings, we have designed state of the art training modules built on FRM courses in Dubai and these trainings are conducted by Certified FRMs.

Degrees that inspire your career

Acca in Dubai

What makes you successful to get an attractive job?  If you are seeking for a job then so many interviews come in your way.  Your friends will tell you so many tactics to impress the interviewer. But all of these tactics can only work if you have a very attractive degree in your hands.  Basically this is your qualification including degrees and certificates that distinguish you from others. To get an attractive job with good salary package and incentives, you might need a degree that highlights your talent.  It also requires having extraordinary expertise and skills so that you can get the best out of it.

What employers love about you?

Employers love the people who have world class degrees.   Degrees like FRM, CIA, CFA courses in Dubai are some of the first class degrees that are considered world class degrees because the holder of these degrees can enjoy their profession anywhere in the world.  Jobs with good salary package and incentives are always fascinating for job seekers.    Have you always been curious, how companies take risk on mega projects? Certainly this is the driving force that urges you to get the certification in FRM. FRM courses in Dubai are highly rewarded because of the outstanding expertise and skills in risk management.

Future of FRM professionals is bright:

A career as a financial risk manager not only helps you to understand the factors and motives of a project but urges you to take the decision frequently. And as you know that this career pays well, then there are more chances to grow on this field.  ACCA courses in Dubai inspire your career, this certification is highly rewarded around the world. The exams have two parts, the first part consists of three papers and the second part consists of five papers. The exam offers you expertise in risk and investment management. The financial manager must have the idea about the financial markets. So that he can analysis the situation in good manner.

Have you heard about quality products? Do you know how did you get hygienic and wholesome food? This is the work of quality control management and do you know how it becomes possible? It is due to the strong internal control and internal check that brings for you the things of quality. It is the major responsibility of certified internal auditor to maintain internal check and internal control in the premises of the industrial unit. So you can say big boss to your internal auditor, because all the work is under his supervision. CIA courses in Dubai has a great scope in auditing.

Become a boss:

To win the boss like reputation you really need to have certification that provides you extra ordinary skills. The CFA certification let you explore the new horizon of success. Chartered financial analyst is a big designation with big job responsibilities and roles with enormous benefit. So let’s take a chance and obtained this globally recognized certification that offers you highest position.  Obtaining these world class degree is certainly a thing of privilege because it makes you employer’s first choice. CFA courses in Dubai are the best opportunity for the people who want to become young leaders.

Degrees that can help you to get noticed

CFA in Dubai

Looking for any promotion, or trying to get noticed?  You can achieve these paramount only when you have a degree that distinguish you from others.  It’s up to you what degree or course you select to achieve theses hallmarks. If you are in the field of finance or working as an account official then these degrees may prove worthwhile for you. ACCA, CFA, and CIA are the most wanted courses by the employers and considered the hottest degrees to raise your level. So get ready to give a break to your career. These outstanding courses can help you to achieve your endeavors.  The students who are looking for an amazing career they can obtain these degrees.


The ACCA courses in Dubai are considered the most vital exam. Certainly this international course makes you globally recognized all over the world. The people who are seeking their career as an executive ACCA is the right choice for them.  These degrees really add worth to your career and you are no more considered a subordinate, you might be ascended in your professional arena s a boss.  So think big and get the biggest reward. ACCA basically has two levels, fundamental and professional respectively. The candidates have two pass nine papers of fundamental to qualify for professional level.  A candidate has to pass total 14 exams to obtain the degree of ACCA in Dubai. The eligibility criteria for ACCA in Dubai are required two A levels and three GCSE or equivalent in five separate subjects.  Graduated degree holders are given exemption for all nine exams inclusive in fundamentals. Don’t worry if you have already a master degree in your hand, or working as an executive but still looking to move forward. CFA courses in Dubai can help you to boost up your career.

CFA you next career destination:

Your career endeavor can lead you to become chartered financial analyst the degree that is recognized worldwide. CFA courses in Dubai can help you to obtain this globally recognized degree. The CFA is basically is comprised of three levels, to qualify these three level are necessary to obtain the degree of CFA. The employers appreciate the people who obtain the degree of CFA because they are the moist reliable source with practical knowledge and skills in investment industry. The professional with in0-depth knowledge about investment industry are given the highest regard due to their extra ordinary skills.   Bothe of these degrees is given great importance globally. Wherever you go these degrees helps you to obtain the higher level within months. The knowledge and skills provided by these courses always help you to grow more professionally.

How these degrees add worth to your career:

The highest regard is given only to those people who have extra ordinary skills and capabilities. The key posts are only given to the experts who know how to help the companies in their difficult times. And can help companies to flourish and boost their business within a couple of months. CIA courses in Dubai is one those degrees that can offer you higher salary package and can help you to achieve promotion in a few days after obtain this worthwhile degree.  After obtaining CIA degree you can work as chief internal auditor.

Certifications That Can Optimize Your Personal Branding

So to market yourself it is quintessential to label your career with the popular brand in your niche like CIA in Dubai or IFRS in Dubai.

For people who are so much interested in business studies. There is a good chance for them to upgrade their knowledge and enhance their worth in professional arena. CIA in Dubai is a good chance for them to open the new horizon of success. This certification offers them expertise in internal auditing. Certification is basically step forward to personal branding. Personal branding is important if you want to attain a key post in any business concern. So what should be your preference for personal branding? Definitely you would like to bring some professional advancement in you. So to market yourself it is quintessential to label your career with the popular brand in your niche like CIA in Dubai or IFRS in Dubai.

Certifications help to boost your professional image:

So you get the idea of personal branding how much important it is in your professional career. Imagine; you are just like popular brands market yourself by following the latest trends. So if you talk about brand recognition what should it be in your words? May be you say unparallel, experts in providing specific service, reliable and most trustworthy in a specific niche. Same is the expectations of an employer towards you. So it is you only you can market your personal brand in such a way that every employer just rush to hire your services. So personal branding can only prove a big success if there is career discipline. You got me? Well I simply mean if you are looking for any certification you must analyze whether you are eligible for that specific course or not? So first of all determine your eligibility and skills, take a look at the scope whether it holds the desired perks or not. Then look at the relevant experience if you got all this then you can go for the next step that is to apply for the exams like FRM in Dubai.

What does personal branding really meant for you?

Once employer recognizes your brand, it means he is fully satisfied with your provided services. So he is recognizing your new range of skills, in this way professionals on executive level are thriving in the job market. Their professional network is a competitive edge to outgun all their competitors at all forums.  This is how personal branding functions in competitive job market.  Don’t forget that personal branding is an investment; your personal brand makes you more credible and reliable among your professional circle. So how would you like to see yourself in the eyes of an employer, probably a person which is expert in his relevant field isn’t it? Being an accountant, business analyst and Chief accountant don’t you think that you must have complete understanding about International Accounting standards? If it is, then it’s the right time to catch some rays and prepare you for IFRS in Dubai Exams. Believe me it’s a cushy job, if you are already on a key post then to have an update knowledge regarding IFRS one of the major job responsibility of you. It’s only you who have to implement and invigilate whether your team is working according to IFRS or not. Thus you do not have to work only for your personal branding but for your company brand as well. So personal branding is an idea, but it is up to you how you would turn this idea into a reality.